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This dress is a size L/XL and is made of an upcycled t-shirt featuring a lounging cowboy graphic, paired with an upcycled black jersey knit skirt.

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Red Cowboy FR.png
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Additional Info

Meet the A-Side Dress.  An easy to wear A-line dress with a slightly elasticized waist, which makes it both comfortable and cute as hell.  I call it the A-Side because it’s the side of the tape (or record, we’re all friends here) with that track you can’t get outta your head.  You want to listen to it again and again and again.  You’ll want to wear this dress again and again and again!

All my dresses in the A-Side style are one-of-a-kind and are created to fit the measurements stated in the chart below give or take up to 3-4”. Each dress is lovingly crafted of freshly laundered post-consumer textiles.  There will be no one else on the bus or train wearing the same outfit, I promise!

Side A Measurement Chart.PNG